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[2-Day] Self-Guided Tour to Fully Enjoy Yamanashi with Mt. Fuji, Sake Brewery, History and Culture


* This is an all-in-one package tour to fully enjoy fun parts of Japan such as Mt. Fuji, an old Japanese-style house, shukubo (a temple inn), Japanese sake brewery and Japanese style dishes.
* A reasonable tour to use public transportation.
* We can customize this tour according to your request and/or increase the number of participants to more than five persons.

  • Notices
  • This is a private group tour in which you travel on your own along provided bus schedule and root map. There will be no tour guide. When you take this tour, we recommend taking only the travel equipment for one night stay and send the rest of the luggage to your next destination. Since you will take public transportations, please refrain from taking overweight big luggage that you cannot carry by yourself or hamper other passengers on busses or carriages. Please note some of the facilities may not be in service depending on the situation. If you have any questions before and on the tour day, you can ask the remote concierge informed prior to the tour. (English and/or Japanese speaking staff available.)


Day 1

Day one begins with the world-famous view of Mt. Fuji from Chureito Pagoda. Later, you will board a sightseeing bus to Rest House Konami where you will enjoy a lunch featuring local cuisine. After lunch, you will board the same sightseeing bus to Itchiku Kubota Art Museum which features a collection of beautiful kimonos shown in a unique building, and surrounded by an expansive garden. Later, you will board the same bus to the Kawaguchiko Shizen-seikatsu-kan (Natural Living Center), Oishi Park (Mt. Fuji photo spot) and Oishi Pongee Traditional Craft Center (local craft shop). Finally, you will board a local bus to LOOF INN ASHIGAWA where you will enjoy a night in a large traditional Japanese home that has been updated for your comfort. You are sure to enjoy the sumptuous dinner and breakfast featuring local cuisine.

* IC cards like Suica cannot be used on Fujikyuko Line nor some local buses.

Day 2

As for day 2, you can choose the schedule from the following options.
a) Early Bird Plan for Sake Brewery: After check-out the next morning around 7:00, you will board a local bus bound for Kofu and then take the JR line, and a local bus to enjoy Daigahara, an historic section of the old Koshu Kaido (ancient road to Kyoto). In Daigahara, you will find Shichiken Sake Brewery which has been producing delicious sake for almost 270 years. Depending on the season, you may be able to have a tour of the brewery. However, you can enjoy sake tasting at any time of year. While visiting the brewery, be sure to tour the traditional home of the Kitahara family which was vacated after the Meji Emperor stayed overnight in 1880. In addition, you might enjoy having a meal at Daimin, the sake brewery’s restaurant, and having traditional Japanese sweets at Kinseiken, which is across the street from the sake brewery. Then you will return to Shinjuku around 18:00.
b) Plan for Whiskey Distillery: * Instead of going to the sake brewery, you can substitute it with a visit to Suntory Whisky Distillery, which has a paid distillery tour, generous whiskey tasting, a restaurant, and a whisky museum. You will return to Shinjuku around 18:30-19:30.

* Breakfast is offered without an additional charge when guests share the information of this inn via SNS.
* You will be able to choose one out of two tours depending on your interests.


LOOF INN ASHIGAWA, SAWA NO IE or SAKA NO IE (whole house rental)
* Maximum 10 persons accepted. Use the whole house as you wish.
* There is no yukata or nightwear service so please bring one for your own.

Price calendar

Number of person(s)
  • Sun
  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • Fri
  • Sat
  • 1

    Monday January 1 2018

  • 2

    Tuesday January 2 2018

  • 3

    Wednesday January 3 2018

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    Thursday January 4 2018

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    Friday January 5 2018

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    Saturday January 6 2018

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    Sunday January 7 2018

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    Monday January 8 2018

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    Tuesday January 9 2018

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    Wednesday January 10 2018

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    Thursday January 11 2018

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    Friday January 12 2018

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    Wednesday January 17 2018

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    Thursday January 18 2018

  • 19

    Friday January 19 2018

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    Saturday January 20 2018

* Prices shown on the calendar are per person.
* Prices shown on the calendar include tax.

General information

Number of person(s) required for execution

1 people

Limit capacity of persons

4 people

Minimum number of person(s) required for booking

1 people

Tour attendant


Bilingual guide


Pick up service

Free pick-up and drop-off service to/from the inn

Number of meal(s)

[Meals included in this tour]
Breakfast: 1 (upon sharing via SNS), Lunch: 0, Dinner: 1
* If you have any dietary restriction, please notify us of your request when you apply for this tour.
* Breakfast on the second day is offered without an additional charge when guests share the information of this inn via SNS.


JR train, bus
* Fee for transportation is not included in the tour fee. Please pay by yourself at the site.


Limited to those who are 20 years old or above. Those who have trouble in walking are asked to refrain from this tour.


We recommend you dress in cloths and shoes that are easy to move and walk. If you wish to buy liquor, we also recommend bringing backpack.

Abstract of Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions before you apply for the tour.
Cancelation policy: 21 days before the departure date: none, 20-8 days before the departure date: 20% of the total fee, 7-2 days before the departure date: 30% of the total fee, 1 day before the departure date: 40% of the total fee, on the tour date: 50% of the total fee, after the departure time or no show: 100% of the total fee

What is included in the price

Accommodation fee, meals (dinner and breakfast), entrance fee for the museum, detailed itinerary, the remote concierge service (before departure: chat only, on the tour day: chat or telephone *telephone service is only for emergency purpose), insurance, and taxes.


* Some fees for transportation and tastings are not included in the tour fee. Please pay by yourself at the site. [Estimate of expenses needed other than the tour fee] Lunch, fee for public transportation to the closest station or JR Pass, local bus, sightseeing bus, tasting fee, taxi: in case you miss public transportation.
* Schedule may change depending on the weather and transportation/traffic conditions.
* Pictures are for illustrative purpose.

Planning and execution/inquiry

Planning and execution

Yutaka Kanko Inc.

Office name

River Travel Agency


Ogino River City 1F, 1122, Yamanokami, Chuo City, Yamanashi, Japan





E-mail Address



All year around (except the closing day of Ogino supermarket)

Operating hours



All Nippon Travel Agents Association Regular Member
Travel Agent Registered by the Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, Agency No.2-164
Registered on Nov 20, 1990
Certified Domestic and International Travel Service Supervisor: Kojiro Hiraoka

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