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The remote concierge service supports to create your one and only trip. The remote concierge service supports to create your one and only trip.

Whenever you visit a new place, you must feel excited with a little bit of anxiety.
Here in Fujisan Prefecture, a knowledgeable concierge will support you online to solve your various needs.
* The fee for online concierge is included in the list price.

Concierge Service

Feature of the concierge service

  • Plan with maps and photos

    Plan with maps and photos

    You will receive our original plan online that enables you to see route maps and the photos of the site you will visit. You will not need to worry about getting lost.

  • Push notification

    Push notification

    You will receive real time notifications when a bus approaches, or you reaches your next destination, etc. It makes you feel as if you were with a tour attendant.

  • Troubleshooting


    Whenever an unexpected trouble happens, for example, you missed a bus, or the restaurant you wanted to visit was closed, a concierge will offer you an alternative plan.


  • Apply for a plan
  • Apply for a plan

    Select a date and number of people on the calendar and apply for the tour you wish to take. Do not forget to mention your request if you have any change or restrictions in your trip. Our concierge will check the availability, and will notify you about the payment. We accept a group of more than five persons, and/or an tailor made plans (an additional fee applies.)

  • Notification of the schedule
  • Notification of the schedule

    A few weeks prior the departure, the concierge will notify you of the schedule.
    A precise schedule: The time schedule of the transportation you will take, all the route maps to the sites you will visit, explanation of each spot you visit, notices, and notification of the things you need to bring.

  • Support during your trip
  • Support during your trip

    The concierge will support you through your trip online to make your trip easier along your schedule and route map. (For example, notification when the bus approaches, troubleshooting, information on sightseeing spots). If you wish to make a pleasant trip, you need to have a peace of mind.

  • After the trip
  • After the trip

    Please answer our questions after the trip. Your feedback will help us to make our service better. If you could send us your answer, you will receive a discount coupon in return which you can share with your friend.

  • Notices
  • Notices

    The plans designed to travel on your own along provided bus schedule and route map include a lot of walking. Those who have trouble in walking and/or small children are asked to refrain from taking those tours. The support of the concierge starts when you reach to the closest station or bus stop and ends when you check in your hotel or you get on a train or a bus for home. There will be an additional charge for a night service, so please consult in advance.

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