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[2018.10.27] 3 Day Tour to Be a Samurai Warrior of Warring State Period, and Enjoy Spa Land!


* This is a rare occasional tour to take part in an event of the Battle in the Japanese Warring State Period including an accommodation in a popular local spa land.
* Stay nearby and you do not need to pay for transportation.
* We can increase the number of participants to more than five persons.

  • Notices
  • This is a private group tour in which you travel on your own along provided bus schedule and route map. There will be no tour guide, however, the remote concierge will support you on line before and during your trip. Since you will take public transportations, please refrain from taking overweight big luggage that you cannot carry by yourself or hamper other passengers on busses or carriages. Please be notified that depending on the time of application, some facilities may already be occupied and are not available.


Day 1

Head for Isawa-Onsen Station by yourself.
Pick-up service from the station.
Arrive at Spa Land Hotel Naito. Enjoy the spa and Japanese musical.
* The support of the remote concierge ends when you check-in at the hotel.

Meals are not included in the tour fee. Please use the restaurants in the hotel or nearby. Dinner time entertainment of historical play will be performed at the restaurant in the hotel. Please make order by yourself.

Day 2

Leave the hotel.
Walk for 20 min to Isawa-Minami Elementary School for preparation and run-through.
Have box lunch and move to the venue of the Samurai battle event.
The event will end around 16:30. Return to the school and change your clothes, then head for the hotel.
* The support of the remote concierge ends when you return to the hotel.

Buffet breakfast in the hotel. A box lunch will be served for free. Dinner is not included in the tour fee.

Day 3

Drop-off service to the station.
End of the tour.
* The support of the remote concierge ends when you get on public transportation.

Buffet breakfast in the hotel is included in the tour fee.


Spa Land Hotel Naito
* After checking in, please address inquiries directly to the staff. Concierge service is not available after checking in.

Price calendar

Number of person(s)
  • Sun
  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • Fri
  • Sat
  • 1

    Monday October 1 2018

  • 2

    Tuesday October 2 2018

  • 3

    Wednesday October 3 2018

  • 4

    Thursday October 4 2018

  • 5

    Friday October 5 2018

  • 6

    Saturday October 6 2018

  • 7

    Sunday October 7 2018

  • 8

    Monday October 8 2018

  • 9

    Tuesday October 9 2018

  • 10

    Wednesday October 10 2018

  • 11

    Thursday October 11 2018

  • 12

    Friday October 12 2018

  • 13

    Saturday October 13 2018

  • 14

    Sunday October 14 2018

  • 15

    Monday October 15 2018

  • 16

    Tuesday October 16 2018

  • 17

    Wednesday October 17 2018

  • 18

    Thursday October 18 2018

  • 19

    Friday October 19 2018

  • 20

    Saturday October 20 2018

  • 21

    Sunday October 21 2018

  • 22

    Monday October 22 2018

  • 23

    Tuesday October 23 2018

  • 24

    Wednesday October 24 2018

  • 25

    Thursday October 25 2018

  • 26

    Friday October 26 2018

  • 27

    Saturday October 27 2018

  • 28

    Sunday October 28 2018

  • 29

    Monday October 29 2018

  • 30

    Tuesday October 30 2018

  • 31

    Wednesday October 31 2018

* Prices shown on the calendar are per person.
* Prices shown on the calendar include tax.

General information

Number of person(s) required for execution

1 people

Limit capacity of persons

4 people

Minimum number of person(s) required for booking

1 people

Tour attendant


Licensed Guide


Pick up service

Free pick-up and drop-off service to/from the hotel

Number of meal(s)

[Meals included in this tour]
Breakfast: 2, Lunch: 1, Dinner: 0
* If you have any dietary restriction, please notify us of your request when you apply for this tour.


JR train
* Fee for transportation is not included in the tour fee. Please pay by yourself at the site.


Application of children who are not able to wear adult size armor is not accepted. Those who have trouble in walking are asked to refrain from this tour.


Wireless telecommunication device such as smartphone, and drinking water. We recommend you dress in cloths and shoes that are easy to move and walk, and wear low-cut neckline shirts and/or underwear so that they will not show out of kimono.

Abstract of Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions before you apply for the tour.
Cancelation policy: 21 days before the departure date: none, 20-8 days before the departure date: 20% of the total fee, 7-2 days before the departure date: 30% of the total fee, 1 day before the departure date: 40% of the total fee, on the tour date: 50% of the total fee, after the departure time or no show: 100% of the total fee

What is included in the price

Accommodation fee, meal (breakfast for the second and third day, lunch for the second day), admission for the Samurai battle event (clothing included), detailed itinerary, the remote concierge service (before departure: chat only, on the tour day: chat or telephone *telephone service is only for emergency purpose), insurance, and taxes.


* Fees for transportation and some meals are not included in the tour fee. Please pay by yourself at the site.
* Schedule may change depending on the weather and transportation/traffic conditions. The event will be held even in a bad weather. If you wish not participating, a cancelation fee will apply.
* Pictures are for illustrative purpose.

Planning and execution/inquiry

Planning and execution

Yutaka Kanko Inc.

Office name

River Travel Agency


Ogino River City 1F, 1122, Yamanokami, Chuo City, Yamanashi, Japan


+81-55-230-7533 (Japanese language only)



E-mail Address



All year around (except the closing day of Ogino supermarket)

Operating hours



All Nippon Travel Agents Association Regular Member
Travel Agent Registered by the Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, Agency No.2-164
Registered on Nov 20, 1990
Certified Domestic and International Travel Service Supervisor: Kojiro Hiraoka

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