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  • Fujisan
  • Fujisan, the World Cultural Heritage Site

    Currently more and more people come to Mt. Fuji for visiting and trekking purposes from all over the world. Fujisan Prefecture is virtual sightseeing area around Mt. Fuji. Any place you can see Mt. Fuji is included in Fujisan Prefecture regardless of the actual location.

  • Fujisan
  • We have only selected authentic tours

    We are happy to be curators of your trip. There are so many sightseeing spots around Mt. Fuji with great potential, which are hardly known to visitors. We have been selecting and developing such contents so this website gives you various sightseeing plans that consist only of quality programs. In addition, we offer you some concept tours based on your preference.


Realize a sustainable local society
by developing sightseeing industry

  • Most tourists come to Japan to experience the unusual. We develop high-end tour program only to fulfill their demand with intellectual satisfaction rather than basic activities such as just viewing, tasting and taking pictures. Therefore, our tours are accompanied with bilingual guides to provide proper commentary based on their broad knowledge.

  • We consider those who succeed history and culture around Mt. Fuji are local people and skilled workers. Without making efforts, we will lose traditional sightseeing contents by population reduction. We Fujisan Prefecture involve local people and industries to realize economic development and sustainable society around Mt. Fuji. Of course, you will contribute to that by visiting our area.

    Now, open the door and discover the real Japan.