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Japanese Authentic Beauty and Gastronomy

The event of noh appreciation at a temple inn combined with yuba dishes, a speciality of the inn, Kakurinbo of Mount Minobu.
[Date] Dec 7, 2019 (Sat) lunch 10:30-14:00/dinner 15:30-19:30 (estimate)
[Venue] Kakurinbo Temple Inn
[Charge] lunch [S]JPY 13,000 [SS]JPY 15,000/dinner [S]JPY 15,000 [SS]JPY 17,000 (price per person, tax inclusive)

Appreciate dynamic <i>noh</i> performance from as close as 1 meter range.

Appreciate dynamic noh performance from as close as 1 meter range.

It is the only chance to appreciate noh performance with a Japanese garden on its back, away from regular noh stage. You will enjoy dynamic noh performance from as close as 1 meter range in a typical temple inn atmosphere.

  • One and only <i>noh</i> event in the world!
  • One and only noh event in the world!

    The first event ended in success in September 2017, attracting 130 audience on the day. This is volume 3 of the first time to appreciate noh performance at a temple inn in Japan, one and the only occasion in the world.

Lunch part

Lunch part

The noh performances of the event will be held twice during the daytime (lunch) and the night (dinner), and it enables you to appreciate different atmosphere each time. Lunch part will be performed under the sunlight, and you will be able to see the performers and the Japanese garden on the back.

Dinner part

Dinner part

Dinner part will be held under the dim light, giving you the chance to indulge yourself into dreamy atmosphere.

Mariage with <i>kaiseki ryori</i>, the banquet dishes

Mariage with kaiseki ryori, the banquet dishes

You will enjoy marriage of famous yuba dishes, the banquet dishes of the local vegetables and local sake and wine.
Dishes of dinner will be more luxurious compared to lunch. If you wish to have alcoholic beverages, dinner is recommended.

[Menu] Seasonal Japanese cuisine made with yuba (tofu skin), the specialty of Minobu Town / Akebono homemade natto (fermented soybeans) / Tomato hotpot / Homemade soy soft ice cream with confitures of seasonal fruits

Local sake, wine and beer

Local sake, wine and beer

As Yamanashi boasts the best production of alcohols, such as wine, beer and sake, free tasting will be available with the cuisine, thanks to 3 sponsors of a winery, beer brewery and sake brewery. Enjoy the marriage.

  • Workshop (Japanese Musical Instruments) - [SS]ticket only-
  • Workshop (Japanese Musical Instruments) - [SS]ticket only-

    A workshop by performers. Playing Japanese Instrments.(Japanese flute, Ko-tsuzumi, O-tsuzumi and Japanese Drum) -[SS]ticket only-

  • How the event goes
  • How the event goes

    The noh performances of the event will be held twice during the daytime and the night.
    lunch 10:00-14:00 / dinner 15:30-19:30 (estimate)
    * Time schedule may change depending on the condition.

    * Workshop (Japanese Musical Instruments) - [SS]ticket only-
    * Enjoy dishes
    * Talk show of noh player, Mr. Jiro Sakuma and instrument players. (A seminar)
    * Performance (noh stage)
    * Ending
    * Contents may change depending on the condition.

    Photo: Seminar of Mr. Jiro Sakuma. Mr. Sakuma will give you the lecture on the performance he will be giving. He often gives lectures on traditional noh performance at colleges and schools, and is famous for his witty and attractive talk.

Kakurinbo Temple Inn

Kakurinbo Temple Inn

The event will be held in a great 14th century Japanese garden, created by Muso Kokushi, a famous Japanese gardener. Kakurinbo is famous for its shojin ryori (vegetarian cuisine), and yuba (thin strips of tofu skin) dishes. The historical site and fantastic cuisine welcome your visit.

Noh performer of Kanze school, Jiro Sakuma

Noh performer of Kanze school, Jiro Sakuma

Born in 1972 in Kofu City, Yamanashi, Jiro Sakuma became an apprentice to Yoshiyuki Kanze after graduating from high school. In 1999, Jiro began to hold workshops for beginners to promote noh in Yamanashi. In 2005, he successfully held the first annual event of takigi noh (noh by torchlight) in front of an audience of 1,000.

  • [2019.12.7] Welcome to Noh World - An Exclusive Event at a Temple Inn

    • [2019.12.7] Welcome to Noh World - An Exclusive Event at a Temple Inn
    • Address: Kakurinbo, 3510, Minobu, Minobu Town, Minami-Koma-Gun, YamanashiGoogle Map
      Access: Taxi (about 15 min from Minobu Station), walk (about10 min from Minobusan bus stop)

      Parking lot:Available for free/Free Wi-Fi available/Electrical outlet available/Credit card OK/Language:Japanese, English/Baggage room available/Shipping service available/Lavatory available/Average budget:JPY 13,000-17,000/Notices:Photos on this page are used for illustrative purpose. It may differ from the actual site and dishes.