Why do you come to Japan?
Foods, hot springs, nature, culture etc.
If you would like to experience the real Japan,
Leave it to us!
Here at the foot of Mount Fuji, we have been searching for quality contents only
To create exclusive programs for tourists.
Now, open the door and discover the "Authentic Japan."

Package Tours

  • [Limited Offer] Experience the utmost of Japan - Noh performance in Japanese garden with yuba cuisine

    [Limited Offer] Experience the utmost…

    2-day tour to fully experience Japanese tradition and culture such as the noh play…

  • Splendid yuba (tofu skin) cuisine and traditional Japanese culture in one day

    Splendid yuba (tofu skin) cuisine and…

    You will love the warm welcome of the proprietress.

  • Mt. Fuji on a helicopter flight

    Only 2 hours from Tokyo ! One day tour…

    We will take you to the unknown panoramic photo spot of Mt. Fuji.